Friday, January 26, 2007


Quite by accident, apparently (and in more ways than one), medical researchers have discovered that a knock on the noggin above the ear can cure addictions to tobacco. I'm very interested in this research and envision 'STOP SMOKING NOW' clinics in which addicts line up before a team of white-suited technicians holding wooden meat tenderizers.

Course, getting conked on the haid in precisely that same locale can also induce sudden death, so there may be some necessary cost-benefit analysis to be performed here. But still. I'm just sayin'.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a little craving could be subsided by a little wake-up knock?

Be just our luck, though, if we suddenly also wiped out certain creative urges, the writing of music, the painting of great masterpieces, the cleaning of closets at 2 a.m., and other valuable signs of human genius.

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