Monday, January 15, 2007


Rep. Virginia Foxx, quoted in today's Watauga Democrat, on surges and/or augmentations:
"The war in Iraq is critical to the Global War on Terror and we must continue to fight and defend against the terrorists there as much as at home. We must maintain our efforts to provide security and stability for the Iraqi government and its people until they are able to do so themselves. We cannot walk away or we will face increased bloodshed at home and abroad. I applaud the president for recognizing the need for a new direction in the Iraq war in order to achieve this and presenting tangible solutions to the problems we currently face there."

Foxx said she believes Iraqis should take the lead in stabilizing their country "and act aggressively and swiftly against any violence. Prime Minister Maliki has issued a commitment to meet these challenges, and the President must hold him accountable to this pledge."
"Our troops deserve unwavering support and this new direction the president has implemented must show progress. Now is the time to unite as Americans, and not as partisan politicians."
Yadda yadda yadda. But what's that "must show progress" in the last paragraph? "Must show progress" ... or else? Else what? She's not signaling a potential end to her open-ended me-tooism, is she?

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