Saturday, January 13, 2007


Just came from an uplifting and energizing swearing-in ceremony for Watauga & Ashe counties' newest member of the NC House, Cullie Tarleton. What a great crowd of people (including several Republicans, nervous as cats that they might be photographed and have their cover blown with their local brethren)!

Cullie in his remarks after the ceremony announced that he (and Rep. Ray Warren, who was present and also newly elected from Alexander County) had supported Rep. Joe Hackney for House Speaker in the House Caucus from the very first vote. "From the get-go," Tarleton said. And then joked, "I'm hoping for some committee assignments."

"When I receive a constituent request, I won't be asking 'What's your party affiliation?' I'll ask 'How can I help?' " he said.

The politicking during the reception following the ceremony was intense, with speculation swirling around a certain person who seems very close to announcing his candidacy to challenge Virginia Foxx in '08. And Winston-Salem City Councilman Dan Besse was there, handing out cards announcing that he's a candidate for Lieutenant Governor in '08.

After today, we're fresh out of newly elected Democrats waiting to take their oaths of office. We've had a perfect swarm of ceremonies and receptions, and we'll miss the fellowship.

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