Friday, January 12, 2007


We had been hearing (while in our Bell South-imposed Cone of Silence) that Jim Crawford, who came in second to Joe Hackney in the NC House Democratic caucus vote for House Speaker, was "upset" that he didn't win. He's been mentioned as the No. 1 candidate of NC "business interests."

Today's N&O gossip speculates that Crawford might strike a deal with the Republicans to take the speakership away from Hackney. That would be a seriously uncool thing to do, and we feel prayfully confident that Crawford won't.

Meanwhile, Heath Shuler is doing what he can to cause acid reflux in everywhich direction. At the link above, scoll all the way down to the last item. So can you tell the difference between Heath Shuler and Virginia Foxx so far? Said to me last Saturday at the Goss swearing in, by an activist who busted butt for Shuler: "Omigod, I think I woke up and found out I elected a jerk to Congress!"

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