Saturday, January 13, 2007

EVERYTHING'S BIGGER AND BETTER AT DUKE was probably thought best to avoid making Nemesis angry., definition of "Nemesis"
According to CBS News, RE the Duke lacrosse players in the notorious Durham, NC, rape case:

Dr. Brian Meehan, the forensic expert hired by Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong, has admitted to "60 Minutes" a "big error" in judgment by not stating that the only DNA he found on the "exotic dancer"/accuser was from several men who were not on the Duke lacrosse team.

Meehan told Nifong about the other DNA for the first time in mid-April 2006.

Later that same month, Nifong indicted the three Duke lacrosse players anyway.

Nifong took six months to tell the players' defense attorneys about the other DNA ... potentially "exculpatory" evidence. In fact, Nifong filed a court motion that stated he was not aware of any potentially exculpatory evidence. Which is why he's under investigation by the state bar.

Meehan now says that Nifong's behavior "irks" him.

Pause ... while we consider Nifong's potentially unethical and illegal behavior and before we get to the righteous mothers in this case ... but it might be important to point out that Meehan's story does NOT mean that the indicted lacrosse players' DNA wasn't found on the accuser. It was. But it was there along with that of other males unknown ... as we read and understand the "60 Minutes" story.

But Nifong is damned to everylasting hell by vengeful goddesses seeking retribution: Rae Evans, the mother of indicted player David Evans, says, "I would say with a smile on my face, 'Mr. Nifong, you've picked on the wrong families … and you will pay every day for the rest of your life.' "

Whoa, dude!

And maybe he will. Certainly seems like he willfully misbehaved.

But what WAS going on in that frat house that night?

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