Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Rebecca Heppel, who found herself suddenly unemployed when her former boss, 11th District Rep. Charles Taylor, lost to Heath Shuler last November, and who now works for U.S. Sen. Dick Burr (tobacco uber alles), on why Republicans lost so decisively in western NC counties:
"Why is it we took such a beating in November? We simply got beat at our own game. The Democrats started early and set goals and achieved them. But we Republicans have the power in Western North Carolina, and folks in Raleigh like to forget that we exist."
But look out, suckas, 'cause Heppel and other fellow travelers have organized a new PAC, West Wins (get it?), and they mean to influence elections in 2008, especially in the 11th, the 10th, and the 5th congressional districts.

"We Republicans have the power." Hmmm. We're a bit miffed that Heppel would steal Howard Dean's mantra, though we're otherwise entertained by the defensiveness in that boast.

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