Thursday, February 10, 2005

State of Virginia Getting Right With God

You may have been justifiably distracted by the news that U.S. female soldiers turn out to be every bit as adept with torture as their male counterparts, or with the news that El Presidente lied about the costs of his Medicare drug prescription benefit but that we should believe him totally that his privatization of Social Security won't cost us the ole homestead, or the news (by the way) that North Korea is admitting it has nuclear bombs ("So whadda ya gonna do about it, Bubba?") ... you might have been distracted by that piling on of future shock to notice that the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate are busily amending their state constitution to mandate no gay marriage while also mandating prayer in schools and other public buildings.

Guess that means that while a gay couple is NOT getting married in the courthouse they can simultaneously engage in loud praying that the current regime some day gets its comeuppance.

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