Saturday, February 12, 2005

Give 'em Hell, Howard!

MeanDean took charge of the Democratic National Committee just before noon today, and we hear that the party's national website is buckling under the pressure of people crowding on to send money. Join the great outpouring of support, if you can swing a buck or two, and give on-line: Think of it this way: it'll annoy the hell out of our enemies!

On to Raleigh next weekend. Can the tide of grassroots progressivism and reform be held back by Guv Easley?

UPDATE: Daily Kos and Atrios have set up a special page for funneling contributions to the DNC,, though the servers are currently too overloaded to manage the crush. We hear that contributions on this site hit $10,000 in the first four minutes after Dean's acceptance speech, with the average contribution (from 218 contributers) at $45. A great stirring was felt across the land!

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