Friday, February 11, 2005

MeanDean Takes Charge

With Howard Dean's election to chair the Democratic National Committee all but assured for tomorrow, amazing who's coming round. Bruce Reed, president of the Democratic Leadership Council, who hated Dean's guts last year, told the WashPost, "The job of party chair is different from party nominee. The party chair needs to be an ardent partisan. You can't send a vegetarian to do a red-meat job."

But he's too liberal! The WashPost offers a little historical perspective on that particular whining point:

"Sixteen years ago, after a Massachusetts liberal [Dukakis] lost the presidential race to a Republican named Bush, Democrats selected as their chairman a man with deep roots in the liberal wing of the party. Republican strategists claimed the election of Ronald H. Brown Jr. showed that Democrats did not care about the concerns of ordinary Americans, and southern Democrats worried that the party was writing off their region. Four years later, under Brown's chairmanship, Clinton won the presidency."

But he's nuts!

Yes. Crazy times call for crazy people. We're all nuts. Total loons. It's only natural that we'd want one of our own kind to lead the band ... a red-meat blue-stater!

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