Saturday, February 26, 2005

Run as a Democrat, Tax Like a Republican

According to the N&O, the Guv's proposal to tax candy, movie tickets, newspapers (all our major vices), etc. is the first step in a national conspiracy to tax goods sold over the Internet. (The Internet is a miracle of democracy; the stupid decision by state governments to try to tax its commerce will only create a huge new class of scofflaws.) Meanwhile, the Guv's proposal to lighten the tax burden on the richest North Carolinians, while shifting it to sugar- and tobacco-addicted wage-slaves, just begs for comment from the new head of the state's Democratic Party.

And, indeed, reporters apparently appeared on Jerry Meek's doorstep about 30 minutes about the Guv laid his stinking sinker on the state legislature ... and Jerry Meek didn't answer the doorbell. Yesterday in the N&O, Meek "said through a spokesman that he didn't yet have comments on Easley's plan to raise taxes on cigarettes, candy, movie tickets, phone bills and more to settle the state budget, while also offering an income tax break for the wealthiest in the state."

Meek's in a difficult position, and everyone's watching to see what he does. He just beat (and humiliated) the Guv in winning the state chairmanship. The Guv has shown no particular interest in establishing rapport with the Party. If Meek is in fact a D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T and not of the Guv's persuasion (whatever the hell it IS), he'll be honest about the Guv's budget proposal, which means he's got a couple of chillier years to get through where he has no influence with the Top Dog he's criticized in public.

But what influence would he have if he kissed the Guv's rump?

Might as well be honest, if the outcome is going to be identical to being a great big ass-kisser.

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