Thursday, February 24, 2005

Balancing N.C.'s Budget on the Backs of the Poor

As promised, the Guv delivered his budget proposal to the legislature yesterday. He proposes reducing taxes on the state's richest while socking it to the poor in steep increases to the cigarette tax (which he proposes upping this year from 5 cents a pack to 40 cents a pack), along with taxes on other "vices," like candy, liquor, movies, newspapers, and live entertainment, such as circuses and other shows. Easley's plan would also increase to 7 percent the sales tax on phone bills and cable and satellite service.

When in trouble, tax consumers, eh, Guv?

"Why would we cut the income tax for people who live well and who don't have to worry about health care and make those who can't afford it pay more?" asked state Sen. Ellie Kinnaird.

It's so bad that the N&O felt obliged to remind readers ... "Easley [is] a Democrat." He's registered that way, at any rate.

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