Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Primary Results -- Other Races


Allison Riggs

Supreme Court Associate Justice, Seat 6

Democrat Allison Riggs took over 69% of the vote statewide, running for reelection to her seat against Judge Lora Cubbage.

NC House Dist. 60

Frequent Democratic defector from Democratic policy, incumbent Cecil Brockman squeaked past his insurgent opponent James Adams by a mere 83 votes (according to the NCSBE website). There will surely be a recount. Brockman had been marked for elimination by fellow Democrats because of his frequent votes with the Republican super-majority. (Contest profiled here.)

NC House Dist. 82

The Republican primary featured first-termer Kevin Crutchfield trying to hang on to the seat he just won in 2022 against man-about-town Brian Echevarria, a camera hog who may think he's awfully cute. This race was called the most competitive Republican primary for the General Assembly -- and was coincidentally also the meanest -- and indeed Echevarria took out the incumbent by a very close margin, 171 votes.

NC House Dist. 27

Conservative Democrat Michael Wray, who often voted with the Republicans to override Cooper vetoes, finally may have been picked off (if the current vote totals hold through the counting of provisionals and the inevitable recount). Wray appears to have lost to Rodney Pierce by 42 votes.

NC House Dist. 105

Nicole Sidman slid to victory in a three-way race where she took over 57% of the vote. She is the winner to take on the tall quest to unseat turncoat Tricia Cotham in November. I've experienced nervous exhaustion worrying about the outcome here.

NC House Dist. 62

Former legislator and often thorn in the Republican majority's side, John Blust won a 5-way contest with 34% of the vote, thus avoiding a runoff. I wrote about "The Return of John Blust" back in February.

NC Senate Dist. 13

Scott Lassiter, who became "Famous for the Wrong Reason," beat his Republican competitor in that side's primary. Lassiter will face Democrat Lisa Grafstein in November. He tried once to get her barred from the ballot.

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