Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Lassiter Lashes the Wind


Scott Lassiter and Mrs. Lassiter,
back then

Grateful to Bryan Anderson and his "Anderson Alerts" on Substack for being in the room to hear Republican candidate Scott Lassiter's BOE challenge to the residency of current Dems Senator Lisa Grafstein, who got gerrymandered into a Wake County double-bunking with another Democrat and chose to move her residence within the legal time frame to run in a different district that had no declared Democratic candidate.

To run against Scott Lassiter, as it turns out (or potentially, since he has his own primary to get through). 

Who is Scott Lassiter? Glad you asked.

Last heard from while suing House Speaker Tim Moore for alienation of affection (and eventually at least extracting some money or penance from Moore, for they settled out of court), Lassiter seems not to mind the public reminder of his cuckolding. Moore had pretty conclusively canoodled with Lassiter's wife, and got her some benefits in pay on the side. Lassiter testified that Moore had offered to bribe him to forget the whole thing at a Biscuitville in Raleigh (where there are three Biscuitvilles, so I'm guessing the Western Blvd. location).

At the Wake County BOE hearing, Grafstein produced bundles of evidence that she had moved her residence to the newly drawn NCS13, and had done so within the time required. Bryan Anderson, reporting from the hearing room: 

Scott Lassiter ... conceded that Grafstein appeared qualified to be on the ballot.

“I am impressed by the senator's records,” Lassiter said. “I'm impressed by the speed at which she was able to move.”

Lassiter told reporters after the hearing that he doesn’t plan to appeal the decision to the State Board of Elections.

“I do believe that the State Board would likely make the same decision,” Lassiter said. “Unless I have additional facts that come forward, I don’t anticipate appealing.”

So, if Grafstein's residency is legit, why did he bring the complaint? Simple answer, if you like watermelons squeezed through the birth canal of blueberries: Lassiter wants Grafstein thrown out of her current office representing NCS13, because she's now moved her residence outside the previous iteration of District 13 and is therefore some sort of imposter in the Senate.

The Wake BOE ruled Grafstein's residency legit and said the question of whether or not she is still a senator is not within their purview.

Scott Lassiter has to survive a primary against Vicki Harry, about whom I know nothing. Wonder how she'll try to defeat him.

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