Thursday, March 28, 2024

AppState Chancellor Under Fire for Suppressing the Queer Community on Campus


The Appalachian State University Graduate SGA has produced a string of accusations against Chancellor Sheri Everts alleging that she is behind the suppression of "Pride Week," the banning of drag shows on campus, and the actual firing of "at least four (4) Queer & Trans Staff and Faculty" without explanation (and presumably without cause). The document actually names names of those shown the door.

Other student groups have joined the out-cry against Everts (including the ASU College Democrats, which produced its own statement of solidarity). The student groups want Pride Week restored.

Aside from their condemnation of the AppState administration (principally Everts), the students don't raise the questions that immediately come to my mind ... that perhaps Everts is merely carrying water for the Republican-heavy Board of Trustees and the even-more-laden-with-cultural-conservatives Board of Governors, who have shown some eagerness for clamping down on what they consider the too-liberal university system. Everts has seemed all too willing to please those powers and not at all susceptible to the pleas and arguments of her own student body and faculty.

She's been highly unpopular on campus for a long time. The ASU Faculty Senate passed a "no confidence" resolution about her back in 2020, but nothing much about her style of authoritarian administration has changed.

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Anonymous said...

It’s not a question. It will be an action. The next time Art students protest it won’t be about renovations it will be about the action of the cancellation of the Art department, due to the NC legislature directing to the Board of Governors to eliminate programs that are too liberal~oh wait it’s called low ROI. Low return on investment will justify cutting all kinds of departments. English anyone? Who needs Shakespeare?
This chancellor will be more than willing to do what is directed.