Wednesday, May 09, 2018

What Happened in the North Carolina Primary Yesterday

US Congress
CD2 -- Democrat perennial candidate Linda Coleman buried Ken Romley, who ran an active campaign and looked like he had a shot. Coleman will try to unseat incumbent Republican George Holding this fall.
CD5 -- Democrat DD Adams will be taking on Virginia Foxx this fall.
CD9 -- Democrat Dan McCready got almost 84% of the vote (ouch!), and poor pitiful Robert Pittenger lost to Republican preacherman Mark Harris by less than a thousand votes ... setting up one of the marquee races this fall ... McCready v. Harris. 
CD11 -- It will be Democrat Phillip G. Price challenging incumbent Republican Mark Meadows this fall.
CD13 -- Democrat Kathy Manning did indeed brush aside D challenger Adam Coker to take on Tedd Budd this fall.

NC Senate
SD1 -- Republican establishmentarian Bob Steinberg v. Dem D. Cole Phelps for this open seat. 
SD16 -- D Wiley Nickel won his primary, which is probably tantamount to election to the office in this safe D district. 
SD19 -- D Kirk DeViere will be taking on flawed Republican incumbent Wesley Meredith this fall.
SD25 -- Republican incumbent Tom McInnis easily beat back a tea party challenger and will face a strong D woman, Helen Probst Mill, this fall.
SD34 -- There was indeed a primary slap-down for Republican Bob Rucho, trying to regain a seat in the body he had resigned from in 2016, with "moderate" Vicki Sawyer winning the R primary in a heavily R district.
SD38 -- Incumbent Dem Joel Ford did indeed lose to Mujtaba Mohammed in a safe D district.
SD39 -- Incumbent Republican Dan Bishop, avatar of LGBT hatred, easily brushed aside moderate R Beth Monaghan.
SD45 -- First-termer R Deanna Ballard did prevail over three-term veteran Shirley Randleman -- a surprise to me.

NC House
HD1 -- Dem Ron Wesson, a strong contender in a competitive district, will face Republican Edward C. Goodwin, winner of his primary yesterday (with very low Republican turn-out).
HD3 -- Crazy Republican incumbent Michael Speciale easily beat his challenger Eric Queen in this safe R district.
HD6 -- A strong Dem woman, Tess Judge, will be running against Bobby Hanig and not the toxic incumbent Beverly Boswell.
HD11 -- Democrat Allison Dahle buried besmirched Dem incumbent Duane Hall in this strongly D district.
HD35 -- Democrat Terence Everitt will be challenging Republican incumbent Chris Malone in what should be a very competitive district this fall.
HD83 -- Other crazy incumbent Republican Larry Pittman easily brushed aside his primary opponent and will be challenged by D Gail Young, a progressive activist with strong legs (scroll down).
HD99 -- Democratic incumbent, Rodney Moore, who had often been the dog in the manger for the Democratic House caucus, got less than 17% of the vote in his primary, losing to Nasif Majeed, in this safe D district. 

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Anonymous said...

I was also somewhat surprised by Ballard's win for NC Senate. Maybe the Sarah Palin endorsements swayed some people? Any idea how much the two candidates spent on the primary?