Thursday, October 18, 2012

What Did Patrick Henry Know And When Did He Know It?

Several Cherryville VIPs arrested yesterday in a multi-state theft and extortion ring emanating out of the local police department. Among those arrested ... one Wesley Clayton Golden, 39, "a former captain in the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office who left the force earlier this year but continued to serve as a reserve officer. Golden also once served on Cherryville City Council and served on U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry’s 2010 Gaston campaign steering committee, which reads like a who’s who of the county’s most powerful Republicans."


Frank said...

While we are talking about arrests, could you tell us which local candidate has the numerous criminal convictions for bad checks?


I didn't think you would.

Camelot said...

Frank can you tell me while we are talking about arrests who has been under investigation for voter fraud and has dui's.

Anonymous said...

In politics sometimes one side uses sinister-sounding rumors to try to undermine their opponents. Talking about an "unnamed democrat" with "numerous criminal convictions" is pretty effective at tarring the whole slate of candidates. It's also underhanded and low, and people who engage in this kind of gossip-mongering should be ashamed of themselves.

I don't base decisions on rumors, so I tried to get to the bottom of this, and I found an article from the Watauga Democrat from March that contains the following:

[Virginia] Roseman, a Democrat running for commissioner in District 1, also has entered the court system in previous years.

She pleaded guilty to misdemeanor worthless check charges six times between 2001 and 2009 for bad checks ranging from $49.50 to $200.56, court records show.

In each of the cases, Roseman paid restitution to the businesses and court costs.

Roseman said she learned of one outstanding charge in February — a 2005 check to Winn Dixie in Boone — just before she filed for office and handled that charge promptly.

Roseman said in a prepared statement that the counts resulted from a time when she was over-extended financially, got behind on bills and struggled to buy food and essentials for her children.

“Bottom line, my bills have been paid, and my family is stronger for the experience of knowing firsthand what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes run out of money,” Roseman said in the statement.

“I learned a lot through this troubling time in my life and as a result, I developed a strong respect and understanding for other struggling families. I know what it's like to go through hard times. I know what it's like to sacrifice. I know what it's like to stretch a dollar, and I know how important it is to pull together in times of trouble.”

You know what, I'm completely okay with this. This isn't someone who was trying to scam anyone, or be deceitful. Just like George W. Bush or any other number of politicians with DUIs on their record, I'm willing to accept that she's made honest mistakes at a difficult time in her life and moved on.

I challenge those on both sides of the political aisle to try honesty, and stop with the rumor mill.

Anonymous said...

If that's the kind of "fiscal responsibility" you want to put in charge of the county treasury, go for it.
Maybe that's what we need. Instead of raising taxes to pay for the programs Dems want to put in place, maybe they can just write bad checks.

Anonymous said...

It isn't all that often that a merchant will actually file criminal charges for a bad check. Ususally the check writer is just asked to make the check good. And, merchants will usually just "write off" those that are not made good or sell them to a collection agency.

I have to wonder how many bad checks were actually written in addition to the 5 or 6 or whatever that she was criminally prosecuted for.

Anonymous 7:41 may be "completely ok with this" but I am not. Knowingly writing bad checks and not making them good is just fraud. It's stealing.

Not what I want in a county commissioner.

Henery said...

No, you want a complete tool of the Templeton clan. That's perfectly clear.

Anonymous said...

The "Templeton clan" has provided a lot of jobs for the people of this county. And, they haven't defrauded anybody!

Anonymous said...

Henery is a good democrat, drinking the kool aid and singing the company song.."Businessmen Are Bad, Failure is GOOD!"

Anonymous said...

vote for deborah green

Anonymous said...

Why don't we have a contest for the best caption for the picture at the top of the HCP article...

Here's my entry:

It is POSSIBLE that one of these characters is qualified to be on the school board. The other one is Deb Greene.

Anonymous said...

Henery, just which 'clan' or 'tool' do you want in control? Let me guess--the ASU clan and their politically correct 'tools', which comprise of a substantial following; a following that obtains all kinds of public, taxpayers, monies.

I am certainly no fan of Phil Templeton, but it is obvious that his 'clan' has not been in control of anything as to Boone and the County.

Mr. Williamson, I hope you print this.

Henery said...

Ah yes! The old "politically correct" label, which always serves you well when you have no actual facts. If it's "politically correct" not to want a bully in charge of our local decision-making, then yes I'm politically correct.

Camelot said...

Since anonymous doesn't want full disclosuer and only pasted the part of the article talking about Roseman here is the rest of it.

Tommy Adams

Adams was charged with driving while impaired and driving after drinking underage on Oct. 29, 2005. An officer stopped him on U.S. 421 near Yosef Drive and measured his blood alcohol content at 0.17, according to court records.

Adams pleaded guilty to driving while impaired and was sentenced to six months unsupervised probation. He also was ordered to complete 24 hours of community service, pay a fine and undergo a substance abuse evaluation, records show.

The driving after drinking underage charge was dismissed.

Adams also was charged in an unrelated 2005 incident with resisting a public officer

Anonymous said...

7 years ago a young college kid got drunk and was driving; he got caught and hasn't had an issue since.

You are trying to compare that to the lengthy criminal record of an "alleged" grown up? A record of deception and dishonesty? A repeat offender with at least one conviction within the past few months?

You're just grasping at straws!

Anonymous said...

Henery, the problem is you want your type of bully in charge.

You have forgotten about the basis for this country.

You don't like free enterprise; you don't like real achievement. You don't like profit. You don't like private property rights, unless it applies to your property. You want re-development that uses taxpayers' funds instead of true private development. You want centralized control of all property and resources, even at the local level.

Instead of true education, you want public indoctrination, and the sooner your kind can get their hands on small children, then all the hetter. And you want more money, in fact, unlimited resources, for the DPI, the indoctrination bureaucracies.

You want communitarianism instead of individual property rights.

No facts, Henery? They are all around us.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:21: You're accusing someone else of "grasping at straws"???

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:27 AM please explain your comment and leave the innuendo out. Honestly, it makes you look like a five year old

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:43,

Forgive me, I did not think my comment was that hard to figure out but I'm happy to explain.

You say that anyone bringing up Adams' arrest records is "grasping at straws". You then go on to try to paint Roseman as some kind of career criminal, which she clearly is not, and talk about "one conviction" recently - which as the Watauga Democrat clearly stated was a check from *2005*, the same year that Tommy Adams was partying hard, driving drunk and also resisting a public officer. So you criticize others for bringing up what you evidently consider to be old news, and then turn around and do exactly the same thing.

That, my friend, is exactly what the expression "the pot calling the the kettle black" means. Another word for it is hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

and the guitly verdict of August 2009? The one in 2008? And we haven't even talked about Charlotte yet.

Nobody said she was a criminal criminal. She sure is a slow learner though!

Anonymous said...

If you have a record of Tommy Adams being convicted of resisting address, please share it.
If you are just dealing in innuendo, then please admit it.

(It's difficult to argue with you when JW doesn't post all of the responses but only those that he approves of).

Phil Templeton said...

Webster’s defines a demagogue as “ one who tries to stir up people’s emotions so as to gain power”. There is no better example of demagoguery than Pam Williamson as evidenced by her years of fanatical political activism and the comments recently posted on her web site along with “Pam’s Picks” (a virtual instruction book for voters she apparently believes, or hopes, are too stupid or ill- informed to make their own decisions. Pam’s comments reinforce her public image as a mean spirited, pseudo-intellectual, political hack who uses character assassination and unsubstantiated charges (bordering on slander) to attack her enemies.

Pam seemingly harbors a deep resentment or even hatred of any who are not of her political persuasion or who have succeeded beyond what she considers to be an acceptable financial threshold. There appears to be an element of self-loathing behind her attacks, perhaps due in part to the fact that her only claim to fame is the ability to distort the electoral process by manipulating people and creating discord. She appears to have devoted her life to recruiting well- meaning but unsuspecting foot soldiers to support her personal choices for political office and attack other candidates and their supporters.

For those who already question Pam’s warped vision of democracy, her latest ramblings and distortions should remove all doubt. Her recent posting was a sophomoric attempt to smear many of the candidates she opposes. In the process, she couldn’t resist the urge to attack a registered independent, non-candidate by referring to me as Boone’s “mega developer” and “Boss Hogg”. ( If one chooses to stoop to Pam’s level one would refer to her as “Pam McNasty”. While “Miss Piggy” might be another appropriate label, that would be an unfair insult to pigs everywhere)

I have always been appreciative of the business opportunities I have been afforded by the citizens of Boone and I am not ashamed of the businesses and commercial development I and others have risked financial loss to provide. To the contrary, I am proud that I and others have been recognized for our efforts by having received the Alfred Adams Community Development Award presented each year by the Chamber of Commerce for exceptional development. The thought of honoring developers is more than Pam’s twisted philosophy of life can tolerate and undoubtedly causes her severe anxiety and heartburn.

Despite all the good that Pam could accomplish if her efforts were directed to promoting cooperation between political factions, she and her disciples have done and continue to do irreparable harm to the democratic process and to the harmony of our town and county.

Understandably, her words and deeds are a constant embarrassment to many fine people who belong to the political party Pam strives to hijack. I hope all citizens will vote for the candidates of their choice and suggest to Pam that she take a good laxative to relieve the heartburn and irrational hatred which seem to cause her so much discomfort.

Phil Templeton

Anonymous said...

Ms Williamson's job is a pretty easy one. Unencumbered as she is by any requirement to be truthful.

Henery said...

Golly, Mr. Templeton, you're a little off-topic here, but I guess when you're as thin-skinned as all that, any time and place will do for a big ole whine. Do I not recall correctly that you paid for and published in the Watauga Democrat a cartoon depiction of Pam that was not exactly complimentary? That was during the Town Council battle in -- what? -- 2005 when you were trying to put your people in office. And frankly, Mr. Templeton, you were behaving a bit like Boss Hogg. Still are, if we consider how obediently Dan Soucek went about trying to please your special interests this year.

One among many said...

But it is ok for Ms Williamson to continue her personal attacks without being called out? Attacks that have continued both here and on her website, in her paper (Watauga Democrat) and amongst her disciples. No it is time we take our town back from the ultra liberals who move here and declared Boone closed to anyone else.

Bull Frog Farting said...

"One Among Many"? Good grief. How many nicknames are you going to post under?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am shocked that the High Country Press printed that diatribe from Templeton. It is a nasty personal attack on someone not running for office and not in the news. Bad call, HCP. If I write in calling my neighbor a bunch of names will you print that too?

Anonymous said...

What does the name he used matter? You must agree with him or you would point out where he is wrong.

Bull Frog Farting said...

The name matters because the same person keeps posting HER BS using different names for each post. SHE is trying to give the impression that there are many people supporting HER position when it's just HER repeating her rants under different names.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that?

Anonymous said...

Pam Williamson's response to Templeton:


I've never met Pam, but to me this shows she has enough class and enough good sense to know not to engage with bullies.

Phyllis Templeton said...

Perfect, Do you know Mr.Templeton? I do, and he is no bully, nor will he hide as you do with an anonymous identity. He will defend his family, as I hope you would do for yours, when they are slandered on PamsPics or any other website.

One among many said...

I concur Mrs. Templeton

One among many said...

Anon 5:51PM (another Kool Aid drinker)

Did you read pamspicks????

How do you attack someone on a political blog that is not even running for office and not call that an attack?

Bull Frog Farting said...

Pams picks is for fools who can't think for themselves.