Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fake Pictures, Fake 'Momentum'

I mean really!


Anonymous said...

JW-It must be getting slow and boring up there in Boone with the snow and nothing else to do. To post an obscure article about a campaign event having the picture photo-shopped. Panic time in the mountains.

Anonymous said...

No, JW illustrates that the Republican party cheats, lies and steals while claiming to be God's party. This morning's national press has three new stories of top Republicans operatives being caught in disseminating lies, one has already resigned.

Rich N White said...

Fake Pictures, Fake Momentum, Fake Candidate.

....the do anything, say anything candidate... anything for the expediency of the vote.

Welcome to the "post truth" era of politics as a result of the Citizens United decision.

To paraphrase, "This campaign will not be run by fact checkers"..... says it all, no?