Wednesday, October 03, 2012

DINOs for McCrory

Apparently never satisfied with how much they can stab the Democratic Party in the back (and in the front, the side, the hands, the feet, the pancreas), a couple of General Assembly Democrats (members of the Five Goobers, who notoriously gave the Republican majority their veto override margins to defeat Gov. Perdue during the last two years) are bragging today about being "Democrats for McCrory."

Whatever. These guys haven't been actual Democrats for many years and presumably only hang on to the label because great-granddaddy would roll over and start barfing up cotton bolls if they changed their party affiliation to reflect both their philosophy and their voting histories.

Go in peace. Or go to pieces. We really don't care.


Anonymous said...

I guess these "Goobers" just think that McCrory will do a better job than Walter Dalton. Walter sems like a nice guy from Rutherford County but does not have the talent and bearing to be a state governor. Now looks like Walter will stay there in "Ruffton" in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Which Democrat will get beat the worst this year?
Dalton? Kennedy? Mottsinger?Carter? or Roseman?

I'm betting on Mottsinger, but who knows.