Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Preacher Admits, "This Amendment Is Discriminatory"

Photo by Jesse Wood. Dan Soucek, lower right
Interesting article in the on-line High Country Press about last night's prayer meeting at the new high school in support of Amendment 1.

The Reverend Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League, a professional agitator imported from Raleigh for the event, readily admitted that Amendment 1 is discriminatory, thereby neatly pulling the rug out from under deer-in-the-headlights legislators Dan Soucek and Jonathan Jordan, who were trying their best to pirouette around the unconstitutionally unequal treatment embodied in their poorly written Queer Fear Law. Preacher Creech was apparently sufficiently turned on by what preachers of his ilk are always turned on by: other people's sins.

All those empty seats in the high school might have induced a little more humility.


Liberal POV said...

Mr. Soucek and Mr. Jordan should be ashamed of their hate mongering and support of a Theocracy over freedom and liberty for ALL. How will this use of bigotry help traditional marriage? If Amendment One bill passes it's a win for bigotry not freedom or marriage.

These men who think so small should not be reelected.

Happily Married said...

The preacher claims that it is OK to be discriminatory because laws are meant to discriminate and prevent certain behaviors. I assume he is indicating that homosexual sex needs to be prevented in the same way pedophilia needs to be prevented. Do the supporters of this amendment not understand the difference between preying on children and a mutually consensual act between two adults? If we are going to start judging sex acts, the supporters might need to reconsider. I can guarantee that someone somewhere will judge every one one of their sex acts to need some behavioral control. Are they all having sex in the missionary position - maybe that should be legislated. Are they practicing oral sex - that should definitely be legislated. Why are people so concerned with what goes on in other consenting adults bedrooms? The biggest issue I have is the hypocrisy. How many Republican conservatives rail against homosexuality only to be busted for having homosexual sex. I bet half of the supporters of this amendment in that meeting are fond of either S & M, anal sex, fisting, wearing diapers, or something else that others would surely judge as sinful. Why cant people just let other people live their own lives?

Anonymous said...

Happily Married, I am getting somewhat tired of your comments on this blog. I beg of you to answer your own question: Why can't people just let other people live their own lives. It seems very hard for you to do just that.

I am also getting tired of all of these post regarding Amendment 1, it has become an attack on Christians whether they are for or against this amendment.

Let's deal with the issues such as the economy, the loss of jobs, etc.
I respectfully request a change of pace on this site

Not Anonymous said...

No one is forcing you to come here, Anonymous, and read all those posts you're getting tired of! If you want to read a blog that doesn't have those comments, then start your own. It's a free country. Happily Married, you keep on posting whatever the hell you feel like posting!