Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Courageous Citizen And the Double-Talking Member of the General Assembly


Anonymous said...

What a piss poor excuse for a legislator.

Anonymous said...

What a piss poor excuse for a citizen. The opposite side of a pointless post.

Anonymous said...

The legislation is un-necessary. The citizen who spoke up should be commended for her courage and honesty. This is a matter of civil-rights and these rights belong to all citizens.

Steve said...

It simply amazes me that Anonymous at 3:25 would refer to the woman in the video as "a piss poor excuse for a citizen." Even the legislator she was confronting talked about how important she was to the community and what a fine citizen she was. In what way, Anonymous, do you consider this woman to be a poor excuse for a citizen? Because she speaks her mind? Because she is a do-gooder for others in her county? Because she pays her taxes?

Henery said...

Rep. Crawford qualifies as an out-and-out liar on this issue, as WRAL points out:

"Crawford was one of 10 Democrats to vote on the House floor in favor of the measure that put the amendment on the May 8 ballot.

"Crawford was last a primary sponsor of an amendment bill in 2009. The language in that bill was much the same as the measure on the May 8 ballot. It read, 'Marriage between a man and a woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.' Crawford was a co-sponsor of a 2010 measure."

Not Really said...

Anonymous 3:25, are you serious? I find it hard to believe that anyone could listen to that eloquent speech and not be a little moved by the testimony of a woman who has been with her partner for 38 years.

But even if you're not moved, calling her a "piss poor excuse for a citizen" takes a lot of gall. This is a citizen who is engaging directly with her elected officials. She talks to them in a firm but never insulting way and asks them only to be honest about their stance on the issue. I wonder if you can articulate how exactly that makes someone a "piss poor excuse for a citizen", because otherwise I have to conclude that you're just hurling insults at someone you don't agree with.

Anonymous said...

"...I have to conclude that you're just hurling insults at someone you don't agree with."

And, we don't do that here?

Anonymous said...

People, the point was not about the woman in the video. It was that Anonymous 8:47made a meaningless post. It was a personal attack that did not address the issue.

I could care less about the amendment. The lady made a point and was somewhat effective. The personal attack was not.

I have to wonder about the cognitive capabilities of some on this blog. Maybe you can understand now that the point has been spelled out for you.

Anonymous said...

The text in this video is typical of the message anti-marriage movement. If one dares to prefer to stand up for traditional marriage, one is branded as being hateful, bigoted and unforgivable. For a group of people who talk so much about the importance of love and relationships, anti-marriage proponents certainly know how to tear down other people in a most unlovable way.

Let's try it the other way - just to demonstrate my point.

I support marriage (the union of a man and woman - which is what marriage always has been). The woman in this video opposes my civil right to maintain the depth of meaning of marriage by changing the legal definition of what my union is. By so doing, she supports watering down the benefitss of every right that I have by abolishing the traditional meaning of marriage. What she is trying to do will negatively impact me financially with regard to insurance and other programs. Under federal law, my children's schools will be required to now teach homosexuality as a safe, healthy and acceptable alternative to normal heterosexual marriage in sex ed and other school classes. This teaching by the state is contrary to my religious beliefs and to common sense. This woman and people who support her are nothing more than sexual bigots who spew hatred at people like us who want to preserve the sanctity and meaning of our traditional marriages. Her assault on my liberty is unforgivable and I will never forgive her or forget what she has done. I hope the rest of you join me in publicly condemning her personally and help point out to the world how much of a bigot she really is - because she has a different opinion about marriage than I do.

Of course, when pro-gay people like this woman say this kind of stupid thing, they get pats on the back and are held up as heros. But heaven forbid that someone like myself respectfully express disagreement with the gay political agenda. Watch out! Here comes the attacks!

Gays in NC can't marry now. This constitutional ammendment doesn't take away a single benefit or privilege that gays already enjoy. It is necessary to pass this ammendment to the constitution, however, because in other states (such as California) when the voice of the people has spoken at the ballot box in favor of traditional marriage, their democratic votes have simply been branded as "unconstitutional" by activist judges (the judge in CA who overturned the traditional marriage vote was openly gay ... I know, I know... being gay and living with a domestic partner didn't affect his decision in any way... got it ;) ) It is because of this anti-democratic tactic of using the judicial branch to silence the popular vote that is is absolutely necessary for each state to pass (not just a marriage law) an actual AMMENDMENT to the state constitution so that the single vote of a pro-gay judge cannot negate the millions of votes of pro-marriage citizens.

It is because of offensive, egregious anti-marriage political activism that pro-marriage citizens are backed into a corner and left with no choice other than to vote to ammend the constitution in order to protect marriage from being essentially abolished and replaced with "civil unions for all".

MARRIAGE has always been the union of a man and woman. It is the basic unit of all societies. Redefining marriage is a social experiment by a very vocal minority who specialize in using shame and ridicule tactics to silence their opposition.

The great thing about the USA is that different states have different state constitutions. I prefer traditional marriage, the Blue Ridge Mountains and lots of BBQ. So I choose to live in North Carolina. If you prefer to have a legally recognized domestic union, all you have to do is choose to have one. There are states where gay marriage is legal. Nothing is stopping people from moving where they feel most happy.

Anonymous said...

To those of you who are going after the person who wrote that she is a "piss poor excuse for a citizen"... why don't you try reading the entire post (it's only two sentences - you can do it!)

Someone had previously posted that Crawford was a "piss poor excuse for a legislator". That's it. With one dumb, thoughtless comment everything that the legislator had said (which happened to be in complete support of the woman - duh!) was ignored.

What followed was somebody demonstrating how thoughtless the comment was by saying the woman was a piss poor excuse. His next sentence said, "The opposite side of a pointless post". He was demonstrating that the original post and his follow up to it were both pointless remarks that were nothing more than hollow insults that do nothing to encourage real dialogue.

Once in a while I'm still shocked at the incredible hypocrisy of the anti-marriage movement. It's okay when a pro-gay-union person calls someone else a "piss poor excuse". But holy crud! If someone dares to repeat that guy's statement but changes the party who is being targeted by the callous remark and suddenly it's world war three!

I think an excellent point was made. It doesn't do any good to label people or tear them down in a personal way if you disagree with their point of view. We are all part of the same human family and should treat each other with more dignity, even in the face of very different political objectives. Being mean to each other just doesn't help.

Liberal POV said...

Anonymous 12:31

" By so doing, she supports watering down the benefitss of every right that I have by abolishing the traditional meaning of marriage."

Please explain? What have you lost by someone else's civil rights, Human Right, Freedom and Liberty?

Henery said...

Anon 12:31 says, "The woman in this video opposes my civil right to maintain the depth of meaning of marriage by changing the legal definition of what my union is. By so doing, she supports watering down the benefitss of every right that I have by abolishing the traditional meaning of marriage."

That is twisting logic into some kind of pretzel! YOUR civil rights are endangered by someone else's marriage??? "Watering down the benefits of every right that I have..." Someone else's marriage would diminish the "benefits of every right" you have?

Man, that's a case of one dog barking because another dog got the exact same bone.

To actually admit in writing, as you have, that the Pledge of Allegiance we all say ... "with Liberty and Justice for All" ... is exactly the OPPOSITE of what you desire ... that's pretty, well, unAmerican. In my dictionary, "Liberty" might seem to encompass the right to marriage. But apparently you operate with a totally different set of values.

Astonishing. Truly astonishing.

But thanks, nevertheless, for spelling out in really stark terms exactly why I'll fight with every fiber of my being to keep your viewpoint from becoming the law of this land. It doesn't represent anything that I would want getting a stranglehold on my beloved country.

Anyone but Greene said...

Anon 12:31 sounds suspiciously like Deborah Greene, the woman who wants to run our school system. No thank you! You scare the crap out of me.