Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Attention Deficit Disorder

We received our invitation:
...BooneTea Party is hosting a joint meeting of the Watauga County Republicans and the ASU College Republicans to plan how we can work together to defeat Obama and elect conservatives to take back our government at the local and state level....
"...take back our government at the local and state level"???

Perhaps we shouldn't break it to you Tea Party folks, but you already own "local and state level" government: you have Nathan Miller, David Blust, and Vince Gable, a clear majority on the Watauga County Commission, fumbling a quarter-cent sales tax hike and ramming through a resolution supporting Amendment 1; and you have the twin bobble-heads, Rep. Jonathan Jordan and Sen. Dan Soucek, going entirely with the Republican crowd in the NC General Assembly who run that joint too.

You wanna throw the rascals out?

(A black president has made these people lose their grip on reality!)


Anonymous said...

OK, JW - I admit it. That is pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

The proper place of religion in society as expressed by Rev. John Leland, Jeffersons and Madisons Baptist supporter in the Virginia Religious Freedom act.

Disdain mean suspicion, but cherish manly jealousy; be always jealous of your liberty, your rights. Nip the first bud of intrusion on your constitution. Be not devoted to men; let measures be your object, and estimate men according to the measures they pursue. Never promote men who seek after a state-established religion; it is spiritual tyranny--the worst of despotism. It is turnpiking the way to heaven by human law, in order to establish ministerial gates to collect toll. It converts religion into a principle of state policy, and the gospel into merchandise. Heaven forbids the bans of marriage between church and state; their embraces therefore, must be unlawful. Guard against those men who make a great noise about religion, in choosing representatives. It is electioneering. If they knew the nature and worth of religion, they would not debauch it to such shameful purposes. If pure religion is the criterion to denominate candidates, those who make a noise about it must be rejected; for their wrangle about it, proves that they are void of it. Let honesty, talents and quick despatch, characterise the men of your choice. Such men will have a sympathy with their constituents, and will be willing to come to the light, that their deeds may be examined.

Anonagain said...

It is amusing, isn't it? Conservatives are always trying to "take back" something, even if they're already in charge of everything!