Monday, April 16, 2012

Flakking for the Pay-to-Play Educational System

Credit: AP/Jose Luis Magana
At the same time that Foxx has been bragging that she has no tolerance for students who rack up debt to get a college education, it comes out just how bought off, hypocritical, and downright evil she is. Her bill to exempt for-profit colleges from accountability (which Andrew Leonard says should have been titled “The Protecting the Freedom of For-Profit Schools to Suck off the Government Teat Without Any Accountability Whatsoever Act”) passed the Republican-dominated House recently but is stuck (forever, one would hope) in the Senate.

The full measure of The Madam's astounding hypocrisy? Here 'tis:
"...Foxx herself is benefiting from the waste and abuse of federal tax dollars. Among the top 20 financial contributors to Foxx in the 2011-2012 cycle are the Association of Private Sector Colleges/Universities, the Apollo Group (owner of the University of Phoenix), and Corinthian Colleges. Since federal student loans comprise the vast majority of the revenues of those for-profit schools, it follows that their campaign contributions to Foxx are also made possible by U.S. taxpayers."


brotherdoc said...

The scams these for-profit schools run has been known for years. One of the most admirable women in NC higher education was Bernell Dickinson, who in the 1980s and 1990s worked for the NC Dept. of Community Colleges. She and John Corey, of the UNC GA, helped me understand the potential danger to students (and taxpayers) that some of these schools pose, when I spent a semester working at the GA in Chapel Hill back in the 1980s. Here's a link (a long one) to a newspaper article from 1990. We have to keep fighting the fight--this is just one more weapon the right uses against the public education sysem, whether we are talking HGead Start programs or cutting funding for the public universities.,85520

Anonymous said...

The cover up for conventional public education and its failures have also been known for years.

We need to eliminate tenure and provide vouchers for attending the school a parent chooses for his child.

Anonymous said...

His child? Cover-up? Use everyone's tax money for the selected: vouchers?

Ah I get it, de-fund public education, destroy it.

Who would benefit if we follow this path more?

Whitey, private school corporations and not least, the dominionists disguised as Christians.

Liberal POV said...


Is that true or did you hear it on Fox News?

Anonymous said...

There is at least one candidate for school board this year that will not be lining up on the picket line with the teachers asking taxpayers to pour more money into the school system.

It's time we had a school board who was looking for ways to improve the system without crying that we need to throw more taxpayer dollars against it.

It was disappointing last year to see Republican candidates that I supported showing up at the county commission meeting lobbying for a tax increase!
None of that group will ever get another vote of mine!Q

Anonagain said...

Well, what do you propose that we do, Anonymous 7:46? Like it or not, it takes money to operate the school system. The budgets have been cut for several years now. What's your idea? Instead of constantly complaining about the schools, how about offering something constructive?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could hire a school board that can manage efficiently, work within a budget and find cost reductions which they can make. Or does asking for "more money" constitute the only talent they have?

Anonymous said...

Don't be upset with the school board (republican led mind you) for asking for money to operate. It is the county commission that allocates the money. Through your anger towards them Anon 5:10.