Monday, April 23, 2012

Pat McCrory & Mitt Romney Share the Same DNA

Both are terrified of their right wing. Neither has a political or philosophic core, unless self-interest qualifies.

Tim Funk on Mr. McCrory in today's Charlotte Observer: "He’d rather talk about something else – say, the economy or education. But press Pat McCrory about gay marriage, and the presumptive Republican nominee for governor will say this much – and little more: On May 8, he plans to vote for the proposed N.C. constitutional amendment reaffirming the state’s ban on same-sex marriage."

Way to stand tall, Pat.

Apparently, he hopes his particular device of hiding out from actual accountability will fool enough voters: "... by not making the amendment a major issue in his 2012 campaign, [NC State Univ. political scientist Andy] Taylor said, McCrory appears to be hoping that he can maintain his appeal with his old coalition of business Republicans and moderates – including many Democrats and independents."


USS Rodger Young said...

Both RINOs should be terrified of the right wing (no possession should be implied there as we don't claim either one of these idiots). Most right wingers would just as soon see another 4 years under Hussein Obama as opposed to dealing with either one of these liberal slugs. Our best chance is to keep conservatives in Congress to block anything the non us citizen president comes up with. 4 more years of unimaginable stupidity await us.

USS Rodger Young

Liberal POV said...

USS Rodger Young

This is what I refer to when I use the term, Limbaugh disciple. The Republican party has been taken over by people like Roger who's humanity, compassion, reasoning and logic have been surrendered to the extremist voices of Rush Limbaugh and crazy Christian ministers preaching hate.

We have serious problems in this country that need addressing to be completive with the rest of the world and this extremism may make people like USS Roger Young, Dan Soucek and Ms Foxx feel good but it solves no problems American working families face.

Thanks for your post Roger, you make my point of today's Republican extremism lacking common sense, logic and humanity.