Thursday, March 22, 2012

Windows Into the Plutocratic Soul

A lot of news and chatter since last night about an anti-Obama post that showed up on a John Locke Foundation blog, Meck Deck, written by Tara Servatius. The photo-shopped fake photo of the president as a black drag queen, sitting on the ground with a bucket of Kentucky Fried between his legs, has since been taken down, and Ms. Servatius has resigned, and John Hood, president of the John Locke Foundation is all apologies and "shocked, I'm shocked."

But, really!

Give us a giant break, since Tara Servatius had a pretty clear track record as a talk radio extremist before she started flacking for Mr. Hood's "think-tank." Even Forest Gump knew that "ugly is as ugly does."

John Hood is mainly shocked that his kingdom of Popeism has a self-inflicted wound today.


Anonymous said...

Newspapers, radio stations and even public TV carry the continued swill of the John Locke Foundation and sister groups like civitas under the guise of news.
Wake up editors, give the residents of NC the journalistic truth.
Please stop enabling this propaganda, it's BS.

Anonymous said...

I thought for a second there you were talking about MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

Mighty convenient of John Hood to be so SURPRISED that someone at his organization would do such a thing, considering he's been playing footsie with Pope and Civitas for years now. I'm thinking what he really means is he's sorry they caught in the light of day instead of continuing to get away with this trash by sending to carefully targeted mailboxes.