Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Amendment 1 ... Badly Written and "Absurdly Broad"

Russell and Sally Robinson are prominent Republican philanthropists in Mecklenburg County and speak with a rationality we don't often associate with contemporary Republican activists (like li'l Danny Gayhate).

Russell Robinson has another distinction: he's the grandson of North Carolina Supreme Court Justice William B. Rodman, who authored the 1868 North Carolina Constitution. He has an actual care for our founding document that Republican extremists only claim to have.

Hattip: Matt Comer


Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. 'fascist Republican' Rodman is a descendant of the author of the 1868 NC Constitution?

Well, Jerry, that certainly explains a lot of things.

Anonymous said...

Full of hate aren't you Anon 5:34. It's sad that the professed Christians carry so much hate around.

Get to the polls good people and vote this down.

Anonymous said...

2nd Anon--How do you get "hate" or "so much hate" out of the previous comment?

It's beyond me. It seems to me that you are "full of hate" yourself.

Independent Mom said...

Met these two lovely people at church this morning - gentle and intelligent, it was delightful to spend some time talking with them.