Friday, March 16, 2012

NOT an Art Pope Enterprise

The new Dollar General store in Boone, at Appalachian Drive and Hwy 421, is NOT an Art Pope store. So, no, we don't need to boycott it.

Super Dollar stores are the Pope "cheap-foreign-made-crap-at-low-prices" mercantiles.


Anonymous said...

A significant number of the businesses that I patronize are owned by members of the "other" party. Should I boycott ALL of them? Or just the ones that contribute to political campaigns?

Anonymous said...

Hey genius, I've news for you. It isn't the government that you should fear governing your future, it's Pope and the Koch brothers and company who are purchasing legislators, school board members, university administrators and funding think tanks of propaganda all across the US.

Anonymous said...

I agree anonymous posting at 12:42 PM. We can't let these rich people continue to buy our elections. I mean it's ok for George Soros and a few others, but certainly not any CONSERVATIVE billionaires.

Geeze, what were they thinking?

Anonymous said...

I boycott some local business ventures (i.e. Appalachian Regional Healthcare Urgent Care which is going into the old Black Bear Books). Hospital Board Member owns the property and leasing it to the hospital???? Come on folks, we should not be letting these things happen. I plan to talk with some hospital board members about this. Does anyone know how to find out who they are?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's true. And don't forget George Soros and his pals are doing the same. The Kochs, the Popes, along with the Soros faction, are fueling the false left-right paradigm, which furthers the same destructive agenda.

I despise them all. How about you, Jerry?

Or will you refuse to post this comment?

Anonymous said...

How did the boycott for the NC Association of Educators come out against Rose's and Maxway? Maybe someone needs to get Jane Mayer down here to explain what this outfit does.If she can't come maybe someone from the Reynolds Foundation can explain the money trail. Or maybe the trained blogger from Chapel Hill.