Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weather Signs

This analysis of Republican "performance" so far (voter turn-out as opposed to registered voters) in the 2012 primaries finds that Republican performance is actually down from 2008:

Analysts said that Mr. Romney has had particular trouble energizing urban and suburban voters — typically moderates and swing voters — who would be vital to him against Mr. Obama. Less-than-robust turnout in the primaries from those areas in states like Florida and Michigan, analysts said, suggests a challenge for Mr. Romney in energizing independents and the less conservative components of the Republican electorate.

Watching the Young Republicans turn off an audience of fellow students with extremist pronouncements on everything from contraception to immigration to the right to vote last Tuesday evening at their debate with ASU College Democrats would seem to confirm the observation that the contemporary Republican Party has become Tea-Party radical, top-to-bottom and young-to-old, and downright frightening.

The ASU youngsters at least seemed to actually revel in just how mean they can be.

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