Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Way NC Republicans Treat Women

For all their high-'n'-mighty superior morality, the Republicans in the NC General Assembly obviously enjoy screwing women.

Gene Nichol, a law professor at UNC, explains some of the provisions in the state's new anti-
abortion law:
...Our new abortion statute requires that, at least four hours prior to the procedure, a "real-time ultrasound" must be performed on the pregnant woman. The "image" must be displayed "in the (patient's) line of vision." Concurrently, her doctor is compelled, under threat of sanction, to provide a detailed, legislatively prescribed narrative "of what the display depicts."

If the pregnant woman objects, the physician is required to proceed with the government-mandated instruction. Thankfully perhaps, the law doesn't demand that the patient be restrained from closing her eyes or covering her ears. But if she chooses to do so, her doctor, against his own preference and considered medical determination, must continue to show the images and repeat the state's command.

Big government run amok. The "nanny state" on steroids. A thorough-going distrust of women and paternalistic attitude toward their freedom ... written into state law.


Brushfire said...

What a nightmare! Talk about intrusive, vile, and insulting to both doctors and women, this horrible law epitomizes all three.

Not Really said...

What a colossal government intrusion into our private lives and medical care. This is why I have a hard time taking Republicans seriously when they say they're for smaller government.