Friday, October 07, 2011

She Loves Jesus and Has a Gun Named "Bessie Mae"

She also plans to give presumptive Heir to Power Pat McCrory a Republican primary for governor of NC. At least, we think so.

Evidently, and it seems fairly undeniable, she's running for governor. Maybe as a Republican, but that's not 100%. Maybe as a complete independent, judging from some of her statements about "politicians." (To wit: "I am sick and tired of politicians who claim to support me, but who are only looking to line their own pockets." Can't for the life of me disagree with that!) She has a website (featuring "Bessie Mae") and a Facebook page.

What's somewhat curious is that her website heralds her "Plank #2. Leave Our Guns Alone." But where's Plank #1? Perhaps it's her thorough, eternal love for "Bessie Mae"?

Dunno. But we look forward to developments.


Mike D. said...


Here you go, Plank #1, from her site.

Anonymous said...

What's your point. I love Jesus and my gun is called the Fat Lady.

Anonymous said...

I guess I must not be conservative. I didn't name my gun. I just say "hand me my nine, I think I hear a liberal trying to break in."