Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The 1% Feathering Their Nest in NC

What great timing!

In the midst of the general and widespread uprising against the complete corporate takeover of America, we learn that the wealthiest 1% have already twisted the Republican majority in the NC General Assembly to make it difficult to shut down "abusive corporate tax shelters," and they are apparently working "behind the scenes," where they work best, to absolve corporations of past tax shelter abuses. Some $400,000 in unpaid taxes are hanging in the balance.

Not that any of that money would do a thing to restore some jobs to the school system or to protect the public infrastructure of North Carolina or even to hire more people at DMV offices so that Pat McCrory wouldn't have to stand in line longer than His Eminence thinks necessary.

Big corporations have been saying it for well over 100 years: "We owe the public NOTHING! Not even our unethically hidden tax liability."

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