Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Interesting Night

First, the Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire ... free-lance grading of the various performances are flying on Twitter:
RT @LarrySabato: This prof's grades: Romney A, Cain A, Gingrich A-, Santorum A-, Bachmann B+, Paul B, Huntsman C-, Perry D+
Vs. the grading done by FiveThirtyEight:
My debate grades FWIW: Romney B+, Cain B, Huntsman B-, Gingrich B-, Bachmann C+, Paul C+, Santorum C, Perry C
FWIW indeed.

Meanwhile, in Wake County, 'pears that Republican/Tea Party forces were beaten back, particularly with the loss of Ron Margiotta, chair of the Wake School Board who had been the leader for dismantling "diversity." Ouch.

We'll do a recap of municipal elections tomorrow, when we can see straight.

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bookwoman said...

But Michelle Bachmann had the best line of the night: "The 999 plan isn't a jobs plan, it is a tax plan. ...when you take the 9-9-9 plan and turn it upside down, I think the devil's in the details."