Thursday, February 05, 2009

Others Notice Our Madam Foxx

From Ohio, after watching the two-minute morning House speeches on C-SPAN:
Virginia Foxx (NC-5th-R): She talked about the out of control national debt and how the stimulus plan would only make it worse. If my memory serves me correctly, Foxx was a boot-licker for the Bush administration. She helped the Bush administration build that national debt. When Bush came into office, there was a surplus. Now, after the Bush wars and deregulation of the banking industry, our national debt is tremendous and our country is teetering on the brink of a depression, but Foxx would rather do nothing to help. Foxx is a twerp. (I thought of other words but I did not want to put them here.) Unemployment Rate in North Carolina: 8.7% (Ohio 15th)

Yes, our Madam Foxx was George W. Bush's snuggle-bunny, and, no, she doesn't intend for government to lift a finger.

And thanks for noticing, Ohio.

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