Friday, February 20, 2009

Local Schools to Benefit from the Obama Stimulus

North Carolina schools stand to get some $2 billion from President Obama's stimulus plan, the N&O is reporting. Most of the money would go to teacher salaries and keeping positions funded against projected layoffs. The rest would go to zero-interest loans for school renovations. It's unclear from this report whether any of the construction money could be allotted for new school construction. College students of modest means will also benefit, with increases to Pell grants and work-study programs.

Our own county commissioners have certainly listed the new high school and other infrastructure needs as candidates for some of that money. The news yesterday of a coming budget shortfall in Watauga makes the Obama stimulus all the more important.

If and when that money flows, Congresswoman Virginia Foxx can gnash her teeth, since she fought it every step of the way and has not ceased to bitch and moan.

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