Thursday, November 01, 2007

When She's Not Fawnin' She's Yawnin'

Hey, did you know that Virginia Foxx made "The Moment of Zen" on Tuesday night's "Daily Show." You did? We missed it because at that precise moment, both our dogs discovered they had an appointment with a rabbit in the backyard. You can probably watch it here.

Reports from them what did watch it ... The Madam made quite a spectacle out of her femme-crush on Condoleezza Rice. Shades of her smooching lunge after The Decider following his State of the Union address last January. This congresswoman obviously has the chops for GREAT satiric YouTube moments!

Meanwhile, back at her day job, Madam Foxx voted against job retraining legislation that passed the House 264-157 (even Patty McHenry voted for it!). Opined the Madam, affecting her best Marie Antoinette impression, "Just like everything Democrats have done in this session, they are creating one more expensive program after another. They're really trying to get back to a welfare state."

According to the W-S Journal, "More than 56,000 North Carolinians have taken advantage of the [retraining] benefits since 2002. This year about 13,000 North Carolinians will participate." None of them in Madam Foxx's 5th Dist., we're sure.

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