Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Morning Wow Factor

1. Ted Turner ... feminist!

The CNN founder was on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill yesterday and said, "Men have been running the world for the last, God knows, how many thousands of years, and we've really, kind of, I think, screwed it up."

2. Barbara Kingsolver will give the commencement address at Duke University in May. Who is Barbara Kingsolver, you ask. Only the best writer ever to come out of Kentucky ... is all.

3. Cumberland County school officials have decided that maybe it isn't such a great idea to let outside groups come in and throw Bibles at students.

4. Colleges and universities are exploiting part-time teachers to get their classes staffed. Paid a pittance and given few if any benefits (like health insurance), part-timers or "adjunct faculty" are now almost 70 percent of the teaching corps across the country, which means they're teaching a majority of college courses for a fraction of the salary earned by tenured faculty.

You guys need to look into unionizing.

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