Thursday, November 01, 2007

"May Have Been a Technology Glitch"

Dick Sloop in Wilkes County wanted to ask Madam Foxx whether water-boarding is torture, but he was cut off before he got a chance.

Kathleen McFadden in today's High Country Press covers allegations that Congresswoman Virginia Foxx's call-in show was suspiciously skewed to her supporters (be sure to read all the way to the bottom).

Our favorite quote:
"We were not doing anything like [call filtering]. I know I can speak for the Congresswoman by saying she would hate for people to think that she didn't want to hear from them."
--Aaron Groen, press secretary to The Madam

She would hate for people to think.

If you'd seen her turn her back on the audience in her infamous "listening tour" stop in Boone way back in 2006, the last time we're aware of that she presented herself locally for questions before a live audience, you wouldn't just think she can't stand hearing contrary opinions.

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