Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Queen of Mean Strikes Again

This week the U.S. House of Representatives voted to override El Presidente's veto of a $23 billion water resources and conservation bill that would provide more than $70 million for water-resource and conservation projects in Forsyth, Yadkin, and Wilkes counties, parts of the 5th district that have suffered under the current drought in North Carolina. Madam Virginia Foxx was one of only 54 members of the U.S. House to vote against the override.

We'll be watching for the Madam to claim credit for the money anyway, when it starts flowing into those counties in her district.

Foxx's Democratic challenger Roy Carter issued a statement about Foxx's vote, which said in part:
"This is the second time that my opponent has hung our farmers out to dry (Virginia Foxx refused to sign a letter to help North Carolina farmers get federal disaster assistance, the Winston-Salem Journal reported). Voting against giving aid to American citizens in need in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina was truly shocking, and my opponent continues to impose her callous philosophy on the people of our own district. It appears that she will go to any length to support President Bush, even when it hurts the good people of Northwest North Carolina."

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