Wednesday, December 27, 2006


We just came from Virgil Goode territory in central Virginia, and the only people we talked to about him seemed to think he's a genius (in his own right) for "standing up" against the Muslim tide threatening to sweep all of the Christians out of the House of Representatives.

You remember Virgil Goode, don't you? Looks a lot like N.C.'s own Walter Jones and behaves a little like him, too? As in the heroic bravery of "freedom fries" and this sentence from ole Virgil: "I do not subscribe to using the Koran in any way." That's telling 'em, Virg!

Anyway, it's instructive ... the calisthenics Americans are willing to put their moral compasses through to avoid admitting that a leader of their political persuasion said something really, REALLY dumb and then refused to apologize, making him an idiot in addition to a poltroon. But some voters in Virginia have earned their representation in Congress. Priceless.

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