Thursday, December 07, 2006


Mary Cheney, daughter of the right wing's saint of mean, Dick Cheney, woke up pregnant. She's in a 15-year committed lesbian relationship with Heather Poe. How dare they try to bring a child into a loving relationship where there's no resident penis!
News that Cheney's openly gay daughter, Mary, is pregnant has ... touched a raw nerve, as advocates for conservative family values struggle to reconcile their loyalty to the Cheneys with their visceral opposition to same-sex relationships -- and particularly to raising a child without a father.
Johanna Neuman, LA Times
Andrew Sullivan:
James Dobson's Nightmare
Mary Cheney is pregnant and will have a child with her wife of almost twenty years, Heather Poe. Except they live in Virginia which, with the enthusiastic backing of the Republicans, has declared itself homorein, and so no legal protections for Cheney's and Poe's marriage or custody of their child will be available. There is surely coming a point at which the sheer dissonance between what the GOP base believes and the way even the most conservative vice-president in modern times deals with the reality of his own family must surely prompt some kind of Republican adjustment.

Naaaw, ain't gonna happen. The Gays are just too valuable to the GOP as symbolic evil.

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