Sunday, December 17, 2006


Finally, a student at UNC-Greensboro has taken issue with the logical absurdity of "free-speech zones" on campus. She held a free-speech protest outside the designated free-speech zone and was promptly charged with an infraction. The very existence of free-speech zones, and the further rule that intended free-speech exercises in those zones require a two-day notice to the proper authorities, is only proof that free-speech is actually not free at all on the campus of UNC-G.

If we were that child's parents, we'd finance her court dates until a wise jurist declared the whole apparatus unconstitutional. Which surely some (even dim) jurist will do soon.

We recall that ASU some years past trotted out a similar proposal for their campus in Boone. Don't know what ultimately happened with that, though the howls of derision may still be ringing in some administrator's ears. If ASU actually has free-speech zones, we trust someone will enlighten us.

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