Monday, December 18, 2006


We've been hearing about U.S. House Rep. Virginia Foxx's behavior at a public forum on the ASU campus the day after Watauga County handed her her posterior on a platter in the Nov. 7th elections.

Bits and pieces have been melding.

Madam Foxx was greeted, apparently, with less-than-enthusiastic cheers when she was introduced to an audience of ASU faculty and students. She said out loud that, well, she guessed she was in for some "smart aleck" remarks from such an audience: "I can tell you didn't vote for me."

Then aided by an undergraduate moderator who apparently felt obliged to belittle fellow students who didn't kow-tow to the Foxx talking points, she aped the pro-Israeli line of propaganda, evidently suggested to her by the American Israel PAC (AIPAC). These talking points led the Congresswoman into such cul-de-sacs as stating that Palestinians prefer to live under Israeli control (yeah, and everything's hunky-dory in Iraq too!).

And why not? Madam Foxx accepted an all-expenses vacation to Israel in 2006, with her husband fully paid for too ... almost $14,000 worth (see the record here, scroll down to #155) That's the way you get a congresswoman to parrot, angrily, your propaganda.

For she WAS angry at that ASU forum, and finally an eye-witness has come forward to write it up: "She either chose to simply avoid answering the question that was asked -- as many politicians often do -- or replied by responding in a condescending manner that suggested she had no use for someone who holds a legitimate, yet differing opinion than the one she holds" (Letter to the Editor, Watauga Democrat, 18 Dec. 2006).

She relied on prepared notes (a handout?). She was very belligerent. She mocked her constituents. She was a right royal bitch.

Down, girl. We know you're used to acting this way with lesser human beings, but it's beginning to draw attention.

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