Wednesday, December 06, 2006


According to NC Blue, Liddy Dole will not run again in '08. This news was first broken by Lane Hudson, former junior staffer with the Human Rights Campaign who worked in a Michigan field office. It was Hudson who first got hold of the Mark Foley "are you hot?" e-mails.

Hudson "claims that in the aftermath of the Republican Party's failure to secure their majority in the US Senate, Dole has become so 'completely demoralized' that she is no longer interested in standing for re-election."

We'd been hearing, too, from Raleigh that Dole won't run, but it wasn't about being "completely demoralized." It was about a completely debilitating degenerative disease, the name of which I'm too superstitious to print.

(NOTE: The internal link in the posting on NC Blue, referred to above, wouldn't work for me, and I wasn't able to Google Lane Hudson's new website either, "News for the Left." Curious.)

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