Friday, December 15, 2006


An admitted illegal immigrant working at Congresswoman Sue Myrick's stepson's restaurant in Charlotte, Blue Restaurant & Bar, tells a Charlotte Observer reporter that all the 20 or so Latinos, including the illegal ones, working at the restaurant know very well that Congresswoman Myrick won reelection my making THEM her number one campaign issue. Yet she's perfectly happy to have them washing her stepson's nasty pots & pans.

"She's famous," the illegal worker said of Myrick. "We all know who she is. They say she won because of the Latinos."

Myrick's dodge is that she has no control over her stepson's business. She just spends hundreds of dollars there entertaining "big heads."

Myrick's excuse is so similar to Virginia Foxx's, who can always claim -- when it becomes public that her landscaping business has always depended on undocumented workers -- that she's given the business to her daughter and son-in-law. Has nothing to do with her.

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