Friday, December 01, 2006


"BRockBlue" posted down-column an interesting account of Madam Virginia Foxx's silent reception in the Blowing Rock Christmas Parade. Blowing Rock used to be as reliably Republican as any precinct in Watauga County, but it wasn't for the Madam this election season. She lost Blowing Rock to Roger Sharpe by a couple dozen votes.

She has herself to blame. She was arrogant and high-handed with Blowing Rock citizens over the clear-cutting-of-the-Globe flap, scolding Blowing Rock town council officials for allegedly "putting pressure" on her. In the Foxx lexicon, you are unjustifiably "putting pressure" on her if you ask her for something she doesn't want to do. And don't you DARE do that!

Wonder if Foxx will be in the Boone Christmas parade tomorrow? She might get booed in Boone, which went for Roger Sharpe by a much wider margin.

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