Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Webb Wears Combat Boots

Yesterday in Gate City, scrappy James Webb formally launched his campaign to unseat Virginia Republican Senator George Allen. He was wearing combat boots with his suit, a visible reminder of his Marine experience and a direct contrast with the cowboy-boot-wearing Allen, who incidentally managed to avoid military service.

According to this a.m.'s WashPost, Webb said, "My objection to the war is not aimed at my country but at the administration that has chosen to wage this war, an administration that has muddied the truth, made mistake after mistake and refused to accept responsibility .... we're in the hands of people who follow no creed. They speak to you of values but know nothing other than political expediency and blind loyalty to a money-drenched political machine."

That's what Democrats everywhere need to be saying. Voicing what should also become a standard charge against incumbent Republicans this year, Webb called Allen a "rubberstamp." Webb said, "George Allen is in the middle of this, try as he might to distance himself from it. Voting with this president 97 percent of the time tends to hold you accountable."

Doesn't Virginia Foxx have a 96 percent rubberstamping record? Proud of it too, last we heard.

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