Wednesday, April 19, 2006

First We Hone Our Hyperbole, Then We Get the Facts

Madam Virginia Foxx, proud co-sponsor of the notorious Sensenbrenner anti-Hispanic immigrant law, which would criminalize anyone hiring or even helping an illegal immigrant, staged herself an anti-immigrant campaign event in Winston-Salem that posed as a "fact-finding" hearing.

She's already made up her mind that a supposed tidal wave of illegals in North Carolina is putting undue strain on social services, health services, and the education system. All those nasty illegals are supposedly also wielding chains and knives in a major crime wave.

The W-S Journal's account of this "hearing" makes it clear that even as stage-managed as this event was, enough rational information actually leaked through the propaganda to make The Madam look like the race hypocrite she is.

"At the hearing, Foxx compared illegal immigration to an 'invasion,' one with 'major negative impact on education, health care, Social Security, taxes, employment, wages, the environment, crime and countless other areas of American life.' "

Nice rhetoric, that.

"Those kinds of comments don't make any sense. It's all hyperbole," said Jim Johnson, the director of the Kenan Institute's Urban Investment Strategies Center, part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, someone who actually knows something about the subject of illegal immigrantion.

The Madam ought to be ashamed of herself. But as we all know too well in Watauga, she's really incapable of shame.

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