Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nathan Tabor's Irresistible Itch

"Whew!" writes right-wing battle bot Nathan Tabor. The feminist menace has passed! Hallelujah, praise the Lord, and pass the chastity belt!

"Feminism has been thwarting America's growth and vitality for years -- but, finally, a number of women are rejecting it for the silliness it is." Silly them, working to stay alive! But they've apparently turned their collective backs on Hillary and are going home to Pop 'n' Fresh. Clean floors. Satisfied hubbies.

High time, too, EVEN in this Republican economy, which, not surprisingly, Mr. Tabor seems supremely ignorant of. Women are working, not because of (gasp!) "feminism" but because of the price of positively everything, which now includes most especially gasoline. We spent our day Saturday, as a matter of fact, walking up steep drive-ways in Watauga County to knock on the front doors of $300,00 homes, where multiple children had left multiple toys in the yard and where BOTH parents are working HARD to keep the mortgage up, and where "feminism" is not so much a dirty word as beside the point. We were collecting opinions on the state of the world, and women, especially, were fairly forthright in telling us it ain't so hot with Nathan Tabor's ilk in charge of it.

The point? When Republicans are in power, things get worse and worse, and the need to categorize people's moral failings gets, apparently, more irresistible. Eh, Mr. Tabor?

But thank goodness feminism has been finally dealt with. Nathan Tabor can now move on to the even larger pile of American immorality, gay people.

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