Saturday, April 29, 2006

Landmarks in Hypocrisy

Yesterday talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh surrendered to Palm Beach County authorities in Florida, was booked, finger-printed, and smiled for his mug shot. He was promptly released.

He copped a plea, made a deal, and after 18 more months of "therapy" (what a queer!), he'll be free as a bird, the drug-addicted weenie with a microphone who's made a fortune and a huge career out of savagely attacking the moral failings of others. Part of the deal includes the expunging of any criminal record.

The prosecutors in Palm Beach County can document that Limbaugh illegally obtained 2,000 heavy-duty painkillers (including a form of OxyContin), and presumably took same, in the space of six months. That's 11 pills a day, on average.

Listen for some phony humility and contrition at noon on Monday.

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