Monday, April 03, 2006

Kitten with a Whip

Long article in yesterday's Winston-Salem Journal (thanks to Stumpy for the link) about how Madam Virginia Foxx is playing the race card on immigration with one hand -- round 'em all up and deport 'em and then build a thousand-mile wall -- and mollifying -- or trying to mollify -- with the other the big-money agricultural interests in her district that depend on immigrant labor, both documented and un-. (And if you can parse that impossible sentence, you're a better grammarian than I.) Shorthand: Foxx is walking a tightrope ... keeping her far-right Grinch personality on full display while simultaneously making nice with powerful business interests not happy to see their cheap labor pool drained.

We can't wait for those billboards: "Virginia Foxx ... bad for business."

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