Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More on "Effectiveness" Ratings

Good in-depth article in today's Watauga Democrat by Scott Nicholson on Gene Wilson's woeful "effectiveness" rating in the N.C. House (Wilson ranked 109th out of 120 House members). Sen. John Garwood, also covered in the article, ranked 30th out of 49 Senate members, but Garwood does a credible job of defending himself (and gets in a shot at his opponent in the May 2nd primary).

In other news, as of yesterday fewer than 100 people of ALL political persuasions had voted in early voting at one of two Watauga County polling places. Dismal turnout, as expected.

Where, for example, is the massive dissatisfaction on the Republican side with Sheriff Shook and with Sen. Garwood? Ain't happening. Not yet, anyway. Maybe everyone is waiting to go to the polls on May 2nd.

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